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You need a website that represents your company well AND grows your business.

Since 2006, Echo Light Media has created gorgeous, effective, and custom websites that are designed for our clients’ and also as a production house for ad agencies needs and specifications.

Echo Light Media
Website Solutions

With so many web design & markerting Central Valley agencies to choose from and a never-ending list of factors to consider, selecting the best web development company in the Fresno/Clovis area for your business can be a difficult decision.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to identify whether an agency will design a user-friendly website that’s destined for Google’s front page, or something a little less glamorous. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you hire the best web design central valley agency.

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We build scalable websites that work great on your tablet, smartphone, and all other devices. Your website is your storefront, trust the experts at Echo Light Media with your next project

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WordPress is a content management system that allows for completely custom website design and development but also lets users log in and make updates using a very simple, intuitive visual editor.

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The design and functionality of your eCommerce website design could make or break conversions and affect your bottom line. An eCommerce site has several layers of functionality that aren’t on standard websites, including a web server to host a storefront, payment processing, an inventory database and a complicated dispatch system used to send products.

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Looking for online marketing services in order to improve your business rankings, accrue more clients, or reach a wider audience, Echo Light Media is the premier provider in SEO and digital marketing services.

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Our responsive web designs create a user-focused and search engine optimized experience for your target audience when they visit your site with any device.

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It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your company when landing on your website. The first impression is a response to the visual design elements on the page. We can transform a clunky, outdated website into something fresh and appealing, fully optimized for mobile devices.

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What Our Website Design Services Will Deliver

Here are just a few of the objectives we can achieve when designing a website tailored for your business:


Custom web design that results in a site that is visually appealing, easy to use, optimized, converts visitors into customers, is mobile-friendly, and encourages growth over time.


A mobile-friendly, responsive web design 52 percent of all internet activity in the US originates from mobile devices, and Google is rolling out their mobile-first algorithm. We’ll design a site for you that looks and functions great on every screen size.


An SEO-optimized website that is built from the ground up with SEO best practices in mind.


A website that clearly communicates your company’s message with all the important information on your products, services, and company culture.


A website that drives leads using conversion optimized website design methodology and advanced user experiences to drive your visitors to action.


Clear calls to action that help users find information they want and convert visitors to customers.


Advanced functionality such as e-commerce, password-protected content, forums, event registrations, etc. You name it, we can build it.


Content writing services that build your brand, tell your story and attract traffic, using SEO-friendly best practices.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is simply a method of website development that creates a website that scales itself to any size screen. It allows visitors to easily access, navigate, and utilize your website across multiple web browsers, smart devices and computers. Have you noticed how this site fits its graphics and content comfortably on your smartphone or tablet? This is due to a specific style of coding that tells our site to adapt to any device that can access it.


We have various affordable packages for your orginzations needs. You do not half to become a web delvolper or a graphic artist we handle all the work for you.

Website Hosting

Echo Light Media managed WordPress hosting delivers everything you need for a seamless online experience. We often provide web hosting along with our web design and development services, but we will certainly accommodate any need if you’re just looking for hosting.         

As an all-in-one online services agency, we are experts in digital marketing. We understand how to maximize the user experience online in order to create conversions that drive up ROI.         

However, ELM’s digital marketing or web design services don’t end when a project is complete. We will host your website redesign, brand new design or online marketing campaign to ensure you have the best care and attention.

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Our hosting service is ultra reliable. We are proud to provide much higher uptime percentages than the industry average.


Fast page load speed is important for the user experience as well as rankings. Our WordPress hosting is extremely fast.


If your site ever gets hacked, our talented support team of WordPress experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you at no extra charge.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, and our hosting service is tailored to provide the fastest, most secure WordPress experience available. Although we host other sites, WordPress is our specialty.


Security is a top priority in hosting, and we ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect your website and your data.


Our support team is always available to ensure your uptime, page speed and security are fully operational.

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Search Engine Optimization

Bringing together code, content, and context to drive discovery and conversion.

Big or small, businesses that win at search reap enormous benefits. But although SEO is technical, it’s not an exact science, and it takes time to show results (anyone who tells you otherwise is lying).
As a result, you’re putting a lot of trust in an SEO partner. Here’s what you should be looking for from your search agency:


A good SEO agency naturally lives and breathes the technical stuff, but ultimately people, not bots, do business with you. Your search marketing team should care about the customer experience.


SEO changes fast. There are new challenges all the time, from algorithm changes to the impact of voice. An agency that hasn’t changed their approach in 3 years is hopelessly out of touch. A great SEO agency is always evolving.


Google’s algorithm is complex. SEO decisions often involve weighing pros and cons. So it’s important that your SEO partner can clearly and transparently explain their recommendations.